Thursday, February 18, 2010

Last known employer

Clinton Music House was the last known employer of Jason Jackson. He was a delivery man for the grand piano's this establishment specializes in. He was fired after selling one of his deliveries to an Ebay network company. It was said he netted 25 grand for the transaction. The owner has since pressed charges and Jackson has been on the run ever since.


Taken as the sun came up in Tacoma, WA. The mountain in the background is one that I climbed Sept 13th 1998. It is Washington's most known landmark, or one of them. Mt Rainier stands 14,411 ft tall. Second largest Mt in the lower 48.

AN HDR image here. f2.8~~1/1252~~ISO100~~107.5...only difference with the 2nd image is 1/80 second exposure thus giving me the piano exposure.

An interesting side note, as every picture really does tell a story. This business is in what I would consider a less desirable part of town as most would agree that are from these parts. When I was walking around looking for the best angle a man that lives across the street from the store asked me if I was going to be there long as I blocked his truck in when I parked. We started talking as he was a friendly enough chap and he invited my up to his house to take a picture from his deck. His house sits above the store so you can see from over the top. I graciously excepted and took a few frames from his deck. And so the story goes.


  1. Excellent post and capture. Isn't funny who we judge people by the place they live or work as much as we do by the clothes they wear!


  2. Nice capture. Great lighting. Thanks for sharing the story behind the photo.


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