Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cold, damp, wet, rainy

Is Jackson hold out in this shack. I challenge you lurkers to fill in the blanks. Si, Alan, and Daddy No Bucks please feel free to comment and tell me the story. But those lurkers out there I want you to contribute. You know who you are!!!! Man up and tell me a story. (or woman up) What is happening here in the storyline. Lead me to another chapter.
f2.8~~1/100~~ISO100~~28mm Since this story line has hit I have stopped by this old abandoned house 4 times. I just didn't know how I would incorporate the image. The final chapters are vastly approaching.


  1. The authorities are unsure if Jackson is in the shack as the lead was not sound. As they surround the shack the chief inspectors mobile rings, its Jackson, but where is he?


  2. Great shack, it has so much character. It also looks like a firetrap (hint, hint)


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