Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vintage picture

Just release to the media...what appears to be a vintage image of a young child. Officials believe to may be Debbie Bootha's picture displayed next to the bed of Jason Jackson. Could this be a picture of his mother... as a child? The ages seem to match up. A professional Photographer known as Langley estimated the image to be taken in the early 1930's. Asked why he thought it was during this period his logical reply was paper weight, type of print and his quick wit of it's none of your bloody business .

Jason was given up for adoption by his parents in 1955 at the age of 3 days. After a bit of detective work it was determined that Debbie Bootha, wife of Waste management CEO Jack Bootha, gave birth to a baby boy on Aug 1, 1955 in Beeville Texas. The boy was given up for adoption soon after birth but the exact date is uncertain. Is the mystery getting closer to being solved?


  1. Great picture = glad I could be so helpful!

  2. ;) I can always count on you to help solve the mystery.


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