Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stars fell on Alabama

With the crescent moon falling over the Pacific Northwest police are waiting to interview 2 persons of interest. One was a woman that was on the most wanted list back in 1995. Her name is Sandra Martinez, the highly touted actress turned villain. Back in the day she was wanted for attempting to destroy the stadium hotel and Waste Management Plant on the same day she receive the Emmy for best supporting role in a horror film, and with some irony here, the film was named “ BREAKOUT—Mexico Rivera”. Here are her promo shots for the movie. Some say these shots reach her soul, some say they go even deeper.
Questions unanswered:
Was this the woman in yesterdays post? Are these the right size boots? They say Jackson has an attraction for the Latina ladies and knows this woman from the Waste Management days.
For what it is worth, she was sentenced to 5 years of hard labor, but served only 3 months after marrying the Warden of the Federal Way Penitentiary. Some say she was given a special deal. She just says “deal with it” Divorce was soon in the cards but Husband SI was killed in a mysterious Factory accident. The meatball maker at the old spaghetti factory pulled him in and made burger out of him. Officials to this day believe Sandra had a hand in his demise. Tomorrow we introduce player number two.
one of the coolest spots to take an image in Tacoma. And Sandra was a trooper. I helped teach a class last week (the hotel shot) and again tonight. Sandra was in both classes and I notice she had the great, Mafia, bossy, sexy, mysterious hat on last week. I was hoping she had it on again this week and while it was not the same hat it was one much like it. I asked if I could snap a few shots of her in the area that had these big black boxes. Maybe where they fed the coal back in the early 1900's to heat the building? I don't know...but way cool. I wish I would have taken out my pocket wizards and lit the area better as it was very very dark here. In fact Sandra commented on whether there was enough light here. I assured her there was, I had to crank the ISO to 1600. Maybe next time I will create a studio here?
For those of you that don't know,this is a public HS that overlooks commencement bay in Tacoma, Wa. I am not sure if these kids realize how lucky they are to have such a landmark building to learn in.
f2.8~~1/40~~ISO1600~~28mm for all 3 shots.

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