Saturday, February 27, 2010

dynamic Duo

These two police women are close to locking Jackson behind bars. The picture used in the monthly "Police News Today" have these two detectives looking like there is no room for bad guys. Tracy Edmond and Tammy Cooper are the most decorated officers on the Sumner Police force and are feared by all that choose the bad path. They tell the media that things should be rapped up in the next few days. BREAKOUT.
Stacy and Cammie were troopers today and it was a gas shooting them. I wanted a tough shot for my blog and they were up for it. Two beautiful gals wanting to reunite a shot that was taken a few years ago, in their teens. Ten years or there abouts ;)

f3.2~~1/80~~ISO100~~33mm key light pentx 540/60" umbrella camera right, 72" defuser camera left, fill light softbox behind the photographer, and hair light camera left/behind subjects.


  1. I like this - very nicely lit.

  2. Excellent shot. Gereat job on the lighting. What did you use for a background?

  3. Thank you for the kind words. DNB, I have about a doz different muslin backdrops. I Shot these gals and wanted to mimic as close as I could to the shot they took over 30 years ago and this muslin seemed to match the closest.

  4. Excellent capture, I can imagine one of them falling for Jackson, maybe even a love triangle lol.



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