Thursday, February 25, 2010


Police entered the abandon residence on the water only to find it empty. The strong smell of gas was a major clue Many flyers like the one pictured above of the new Broadway hit “The Dancer” were tossed about. The shoe print on this flyer was another major clue. Was this in fact, Jason Jacksons Boot print? It appeared on almost every picture. Almost as if stepped on and done with distain. Each print had the odor of gasoline. Was it Jackson’s intent to burn down the house with the 5th Ave folly fliers? Is there a bit of Jealousy creeping out of this mystery? Was BREAKOUT in jeopardy of falling from the number one spot in the box office? Authorities believe if they arrived 5 min later that the house along with the adjacent marina would all be in flames.


  1. things are certainly hotting up now, excellent capture too.



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