Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Man down

Well the FBI entered the building just as JJ was leaving. K-9 tracked the scent and law enforcers were able to detect which rooms Jackson had been in. That will play a big roll in the investagation into the whereabouts of Jason. The city's in lockdown. Officials are on the look out for one of the mosted wanted criminals in Pierce County's history He once again slipped through the fingers of authorities and is on the loose for at least one more night.

f5.6~~1/180~~ISO100~~28mm pentax 540 on tripod just to the front of camera pointed up at the subject and at 1/32 power Pentax 540 behind subject at 1/64 power.


  1. Cant wait for the next episode.... Cool lighting

  2. Excellent capture and gripping story.


  3. Great story you've got going on! Very well pulled off as well!


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