Wednesday, January 7, 2009

36 right...24 left...

The old railroad perspective effect, vanishing point, or also known as one point perspective.

taken with my 28-300 tameron no flash hand held.

focal length 28mm f3.5--1/4 sec--ISO 100--


  1. I love that kind of shot - leads the eye right into the end.

    Could you have stopped down some more? It'd be great to have more in focus. Or, focus on something really close and let the rest go blurry?

    I know it was handheld - were you leaning on the wall for support?

  2. Handheld. and yes I wish I would have had something significant in focus as it appears to be the big panel in the middle of the first set of lockers and the next set....Tripod would have been much better as well as I used the wall to brace myself. IF I stopped down more and increased ISO to 400-600 to give me a decent opportunity to get the shot in focus being handheld.

  3. Ha ha! You're right! Wow! Wavelengths or something... this is uncanny. Now I'm wishing I would have positioned myself down at the end in my photo, to lead the eye to me (like you guys were discussing in comments on this shot). Cool!


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