Friday, January 2, 2009

Dancing Jan 2nd....this is gonna be a long 365 days

I took this one of my daughter and she was getting ready to go shopping for her new bathroom decor. She was very excited for sure, and what color would a 4 year old girl pick.....PINK of course.

I promise I will not live in Photoshop for the next 363 shots but I had to do it this time. I took this with with my 50mm prime and as they say, no time to swap out lens or you will miss the shot entirely. I figured I would take 2 shots and piece together later.
My daughter is not one to have her picture taken by her dad so I could not zoom out with my feet or she would have turned her back on me. I am sure you photographers know what I mean. Get it in the moment or its gone. Hopefully she will get better in the next 363 days. (although I hope to bring variety to the year)
Both shots taken with my 50mm prime f/2.5, 1/80 sec, 400 ISO with the head shot taken first.

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