Monday, January 5, 2009

New Middle school opens its doors today

I was there bright and early to capture the event on film. I wanted to capture excitment and motion as felt by the staff and students in anticipation of the doors opening.

My attempt to keep the shutter open to show movement and at the same time have the building as in focus as possible. I was standing on the staircase and the students were walking behind me and the shake in the floor was unbelievable. My working associate Kevin made the comment as to how it felt like an earthquate as the kids climbed the stairs. He was doing the video taping right next to me.

f3.5 --1/4sec-- ISO 400-- taken with my tamron 28-300 at 28mm


  1. Very nice! Looks like pandemonium! (don't know if I spelled that right) I especially like the boy pressed up against the door dead center on the image.

  2. I also like that you rotated the image. That really adds to the rumbling "earthquake-ness" you described.

  3. Yes, he was a hoot...I took a series of shots in burst mode, he made it in the building w/o injury as he was hamming it up for the cameras

  4. 1/4 sec huh? It's just the right amount of movement with the faces in the crowd forzen in the blur - wonderful!

    Had you practiced this beforehand?

    Was the camera on the stair railing to steady it or on a tripod?

  5. wow absolutely amazing, the kid pressed against the doors is funny.

  6. Eric,
    I had taken a few shots of teachers walking by waiting for the principal to release the students into the building so I was able to play a little bit. I had the camera resting on the railing and thought that would be a cool in camera crop so to speak. (and it not being level but angled with the stairs)
    I had a tripod and monopod available but used neither for this shot.

    Jeri, thank you for the comment and joining along in my blog. Yes the kid pressed up against the door was really acting for all publicity that the event received.

  7. Hey Lance, how'd you make only the Exit sign in color? That's awesome!


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