Sunday, January 25, 2009

Thank you Aunt Linda, and Camden

Called Aunt Linda last night and checked to see if Camden could get 2 extra tickets to the ball park. Great news, she could, so Katie and I packed up this morning and headed north. Met Uncle David and Payne and we ran the bases and Payne pitched into a radar gun, and he threw a wooping 20 MPH. David and the kids got lost (well I lost them) for what seemed like hours.

Enough about the Ball Park. I took this picture of the kids while in line to run the bases. It snowed like crazy on us, but not cold enough to stick. Kids loved it and saw Cousin Jeff, Mary and Lee.


f/3.5~~1/40~~ISO 400~~28mm


  1. Too bad the subjects aren't in the mood to have their picture taken. ;)

    I love it - how'd you do the vignette?

  2. Vignette was done in post. Photoshop has a nice easy slider to obtain this effect and you can drag more or less to taste, kind a like a cooking show. ;) I was toying with making the background b&w with subjects in color but changed my mind at the last min.


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