Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photoshop class tomorrow

I am teaching my monthly Photoshop class tomorrow to beginning users. I try and throw something a bit different in each time I teach just in case I get any repeaters. So my goal was to get a shot of something and show how Camera Raw will fix your image in 5 seconds. I then take them through the sharpening phase and Kelbys 7 point system, but this photo only needed a slight exposure adjust and sharpen. I stress the fact that you want to get as much RIGHT in the camera as possible but there is always room for PS-``or I would be out of a job (sense of humor is always good for teachers at the end of the day)

Here is the final result.

50mm prime~~f/1.4~~1/13~~ISO 100

If I can get my shots at ISO 100 I will attempt to do that every time, just in case I want to postersize my shot.


  1. I love how the lettering on the ball is sharp and the "Wilson" on the mit is blurry - cool. Have fun with your class!

  2. I really like the warm colors! And the focus draws your attention right to the baseball. Nice job!


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