Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Apple vs Pentax

I got rather hungry tonight and decided to slice open an apple, here are the results.
tamron 28-300 taken at 85mm --f/7.1 --1/160 sec--ISO 100
AB400 at 3 1/2 ft camera right and pentax 540 speedlight at 4 feet camera left .

Both at a 45 degree angle to subject. Both set at 1/4 power. both reflective umbrella image of setup seen here.

comments welcome.


  1. This is beautiful! I love the look of water when it's frozen in time. Did you you fire the camera with a remote? Or did you toss the apple slice from back by the camera? Do you shoot hoops? How many images did you shoot?

  2. That is cool Lance. I always wonder how many shots it takes to close in on what you imagined before starting out. Did this dial in pretty quickly? or did you have to get water all over the counter before it worked?

  3. No I did not toss from 3 point land LOL
    I took exactly 10 shots. This was shot number 5 and as you can see by the splash this one got the counter wet. My first 4 drops were small drops. 5 through 10 soaked counter and my camera was far enough away (3 1/2 feet) that it did not get wet, but the pentax, unlike Cannon or Nikon, has weather resistant seals ;)

    I guess I should have added that I used a remote and I dropped apple in with hand directly over the glass bowl.


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