Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blocking the sun

Today I set out to replicate this shot I took in Hawaii. I entered and won the first contest my dad and I were doing in 2008. I picked the first category and it was called backlighting. I wasn't thinking too much of this at the time I took the shot, but realized once I saw the lighting it was going to be a perfect entry. The rest is history and I won the first contest of the year. In the shot you are looking at here on the blog I set out to accomplish the same type of shot but it was 35 degrees cooler and about 2000-ish miles west. (I am guessing the distance here). Katie did a great job of cooperating with me We played at the park, it was way too cold to be outside in the elements and the big toy equipment was what seemed to be 20 degrees colder.
f/1.4 ~~4000sec~~ISO100~~50mm


  1. Cool! I like your enthusiastic helper. Could you crop out the sign behinder her?

  2. Cool! I like that you can see the top of her head too, just over the umbrella. Nice vignette too - did you add that or is it naturally that way?

  3. I added the vegnette to draw the eye to the center of the image.


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