Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bowling and Apples with a side of Bokeh

What goes better with bowling, apples of course. I fed my daughter an apple and water for a snack and loaded her in the car for a line of bowling. She lasted about 3 frames then her buddy Riley took over. She shot a 74 and he shot a 91. She really only rolled 3 frames or there abouts and with bumpers of course.
bowling shot Pentax 50mm~~f/1.4~~1/13th~~ISO 100

Apple Pentax 50mm ~~f/1.4~~1/125th~~ISO 100


  1. Wow! A 74 in only 3 frames is... well holy cow that's very impressive! She might want to consider pursuing a career in the PBA. Might be a pretty lucrative thing. I like that narrow DOF and I'm envious of your lens after my attempt today.

  2. Interesting having these two photos to compare the differences in depth-of-field. It seems that when the sharp focus point is closer to the camera, the depth-of-field is much smaller.

    Nice pics - I see why your model is featured as often as she is.

    So, did you buy your apples in bulk?

  3. 74 in 3 frames....hahahahaa I think the try Bokah is the apple but I liked the bowling shot so much and it was kind of bokah-ish (is that a word) that I posted as well. Yes apples were on sale this week lol
    We needed to get out of the house today as mom was getting her hair done. THe apple I just created a lot of space between the apple and the next objects, which is a facet that you see and other slices of apples on the left.

  4. Hey I like your new "Masthead" photo at the top of your blog!

  5. I made a new header yesterday and tried it out but didn't like it so I took it back down. But now after seeing yours I'm thinking maybe I'll give it a try again, or make a variation of it or something. So for now I'm putting mine back up

  6. Thank you....Like you, I tried several before settling for this one, and not sure I will stay with this one either....

    I have a few plans in the works for the blog as well...stay tuned :)


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