Friday, January 9, 2009

Oklahoma Losses National TItle

Pizza and the paper for dinner. I didn't watch any of the sooner loss in fact I forgot it was on and heard they lost on the radio along with the possibility that the Seattle PI might shut its doors as soon as tomrrow? I grew up with that paper.

Tamron 28mm f/10~~1.3 sec~~ISO 100 Tripod used


  1. Hey, we shop at the same furniture store!

    Makes me wonder what kind of pizza your going to make. The light is great.

    Real bummer about the PI...

  2. Hey wait, we both referenced pizza, you showed it and I talk about it in my post. Shhhh, Tim's gonna wonder if we're collaborating...

  3. Yeah yeah... I'm onto you guys now... The jig's up. That's Eric's chair. I knew all along... And now you're having pizza night too.

  4. With a 4 year old its cheese pizza hahaha.


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