Sunday, January 4, 2009

Self Portrait of sorts

An experiment with my speedlight, umbrella and using my pocket wizards. This photo was taken with my 28-300 tamron

28mm --f/3.5--exposure 1/5--ISO 400

Speedlight was dialed down to 1/32


  1. I like it - one of those you don't know had flash unless somebody *ahem* spilled the beans.

  2. Hi Lance, I'm Tim, Eric's brother. He challenged me to do the 365 thing too. I like this photo - nice soft light with some fill reflecting back from the wall maybe?

  3. and I cropped the image a lot as well, at least half the shot is cropped.

    Tim, glad you joined us :) Eric wants us to get together and shoot self portrait stuff. We just need to find time.

    Eric is my hero and if you are half as good as him (and I love your guitar shot) then you are in great shape. I have not looked at yoru exif meta data but I assume you are shooting Cannon?


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